(My most favorite track is "hepatitus"but i couldn't found it...)

Yuri Norstein-The Fox and the Hare (1973)

The picture looks to be something like beautiful textile.
I want to watch this wrapped myself in a blanket in a cold day .

Part 2
With Japanese caption

Midori Hirano

feathers/Midori Hirano

Midori Hirano was born in 1979 in Kyoto. She graduated from university with a major in classical piano, and now creating laptop music.
New album "klo:yuri" is out now.

Glass Candy-Digital Versicolor (Video)

Shinsuke Okura

想 (sou)/Shinsuke Okura

Shinsuke Okura must be a brilliant creator. His animation "想"(Sou) is filled with beautiful images and clear sentient music.


Devour Dinner/Mizue Mirai

Mizue Mirai is an animation creator who graduated Tama Art University.
The notable characteristic is an illustrations of cellular representation as if it is like a miniature. His new animation "JAM" will be informed 2009 spring!

Stereolab Live shows in Tokyo

After an iterval of 5 years, Stereolab returns to Tokyo.
Feel live from below!

12/2/09 Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO

Neon Bean Bag


CRYSTAL is a synth band formed in 2007.
Their first E.P will be released from french label, Institubes in this year.
The tracks are based on concepts one by one and the sounds remind me kraftwerk's metalic sound, early time of Depeche Mode or Human League.

Takin No.O / CRYSTAL

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