Caelum's music video

Caelum's music video "Apoptosis" 
you can watch 


Xanthipita started live acts in Sept. 2005 around Kyoto, Japan.
Their song "Leaf Dance" introduced Ryuichi Sakamoto's radio audition program "Radio Sakamoto".

La Folia

What a beautiful and elegant!

Kuricorder Quartet

popo loouise/kuricorder quartet

If you want to know about kurikorder quartet, click here.

Yukari Miyagi

Little Red Riding Hood/Yukari Miyagi

Yukari Miyagi is a Japanese illustrator who working as a freelance since 1992. Besides contributing illustrations to various books, magazines, advertisements, and also collaborated with apparel brands such as ISSEI MIYAKE. Her new book of illustlations "Little Red Riding Hood" is now on sale.

Tico Moon

tico moon

live in Tokyo 29 &31 Dec.

Booh Bah

booh bah zone

Booh Bah is a charactor of  TV program for children in USA.
So cute!
You can play with Booh Bah in Booh Bah Zone.

Erin Lang

Happy to See You/Erin Lang

You can buy her songs at iTunes!


Weather Report/Caelum

Caelum's full album has released last month in Japan.

Cindy Jaswal from Vancouver

from Raven Triptych

Cindy Jaswal is an artist in Vancouver.
Her works are based on natural world, and feel like breathing in the fresh morning air.
Want her T-shirt.

Cindy Jaswal


Sub-ID is an electronica unit composed of Brad Bowden and Alana Rocklin.
They released 1st album 2 month ago.
Their sounds has much urbanely mood.

Hanne Hukkelberg

Kaeft/Hanne Hukkelberg

First of all, I recommend to see this video.
Hanne Hukkelbeg is a singer songwriter who lives in Norway.
Her new albam will be released at springtime next year!

DJ Kentaro's live in Tokyo!

DJ Kentaro/Loop Daigakuin

21 Dec 2008 at Laforlet Harajyuku!!!!!!!!!!


Tenori- On demo

13 Dec 2008 event at A WOMB(Kyoto,Japan)



Sponsor Open/AICP

AICP(Association of Independent Commercial Producers)'s motion graphic for introduce their sponsors.

Denki Groove

Mononoke Dance/Denki Groove

Do you know "Denki Groove"?
Very famous techno band in Japan!


The Nothings of The North/Ametsub

Ametsub is a musician who acts based in tokyo.
His 1st album "Linear Cryptics" whitch released in 2006 had found a lot of response.

New Album "The Nothings of The North" will be released from PROGRESSIVE FOrM in 4 Feb 2009.

Trench Warfare 3.0 Live/Ametsub

Yasushi Yoshida

2nd album"Little Grace"/Yasushi Yoshida

Yasushi Yoshida is a Japanese musician born in 1978.
Writes, produces and performs music focusing on piano and guitar arrengements.
His music reminds me of feeling when I am snoozing in a very comfortable room.

Produce work of Y.M.O

Must look at his jacket.
But the sound is really cool yet.

In 80's, Y.M.O's members produced many idols and artists.
Taeko Onuki is well known as a singer song writer and pianist in Japan.
This track is produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Like a Slap bass and edited beats, there are many points seem to be influenced by sound of Prince.

Les aventurea de TINTIN

And here is a track of Haruomi Hosono from the album "S.F.X".
The edit is just like New Order's Confusion.



speed tube/P-MODEL

P-MODEL is an 80's techno pop band. I think this group had carried very important part of Japanese new wave scene on the shoulder.

Akino Kondo

Usual Topic/Akino Kondo

Too well-known existence among us!
Akino Kondoh is an artist who graduated from Tama Art University, BA in Graphic Design. 
Her second comic had published september 10.