80s italo disco music.

Flying Lotus's new EP will be out.

Flying Lotus's new EP "Pattern+Grid World" will be released on September 21 via Warp,
and packaged with a poster, also designed by Ellsworth.


Erin Lang's debut album is out now!!!!

Erin Lang's 1st album "You Are Found" is now on sale!

Lykke Li

Lykke Li is a Swedish artist.
She has very fine and sweet whisper voice.

Pastacas - "Uuesti"

kazumasa hashimoto's new album is out now!

Kazumasa Hashimoto's new album "strangeness" is now on sale.


We can get a lot of inspirations from here.

Design for Mankind

I know first One is by Kate Wilson, But Who drew next one??

Good stuff!
Really sensitive works.

Let's heart them on here.


Michiru's debut album is out now!

Michiru is a Japanese musician.
She enrolled at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
where she majored in musical composition.
Her debut album is out now in Japan.

"鉛の兵隊" -The Steadfast Tin Soldier -From ear to ear -

Pitchoun presents...a Valentine Night with KEENHOUSE - and Friends

Astrolabe will start at 11:30

KEENHOUSE (Binary Records)
CRYSTAL (Institubes)
Rhythm Droid (Eye Industries/Dirty Works)
Reload Reload (Pitchoun)
A Zombie At My Door (Pitchoun)
Saza (Jump Jump)
..and Le Baron Resident DJ

Haversack is a fashion brand inspired by work, military clothes.
bit expensive....